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Licht kann für jede Campagne seperat durch einen speziellen in Edit → Campaign Properties unter Light Einzeiler defeniert werden.
Damit kann dies nur der Spielleiter. Damit ein Spieler sein eigenes Licht schaffen kann muß er den Einzeiler dem SPielleiter schicken, damit dieser es in die Campaign hinzufügen kann.
Testen kann ein Spieler seine Lichtdefinition aber schon vorher, indem er eine eigene Campagne lokal startet und die Formel dort einträgt.
(Danach sich selbst als Spieler dafür einträgt und dann in einem zweiten MapTool den Token (Char/Objekt) des Spieler darin das Licht ausprobieren läßt.)


Original Einträge

Lamp - 15: circle 15 30#000000
Candle - 5: circle 5 10#000000
Lantern, Hooded - 30: circle 30 60#000000
Everburning - 20: circle 20 40#000000
Torch - 20: circle 20 40#000000
Sunrod - 30: circle 30 60#000000

15: circle 15
5: circle 5
60: circle 60
40: circle 40
30: circle 30
20: circle 20

Kurzanleitung (in MapTool)


Group name
name: type shape OPTIONS scale range #rrggbb lumens=x

Define groups of light types with a line of text to indicate the group name followed by one or more name definitions. End a group with a blank line. All text is case-insensitive. Lines that start with a “-” are considered comments and are ignored. The group name becomes an entry on the token's popup menu under the Light Sources element, and individual light source definitions become sub-entries. Group names are displayed in sorted order, and the sub-entries are alphabetically sorted as well.

name: A user-visible name for light definition.
type: An optional type for the light. Currently only aura is valid. (See below for a description of auras.)
shape: An optional shape for the light emanation. Can be circle (default), square, cone (cones also have an arc=angle field) or grid (for systems like Pathfinder if you want to see exactly which grid cells are affected by a Light/Aura). Shapes apply from the point they are included in the definition until the end of the definition or until another shape is specified. This means multiple light shapes can be created under a single name and turned on or off as a unit.
scale: An optional keyword that adds the token's footprint (size) to the range so the light/aura starts at token's edge vs the token's center
range: A distance measured in map units (defined when the map is created). Units are measured from the centerpoint of the grid cell, hence the extra 2 ½ feet added in the below example to make neat squares. Can have an optional #rrggbb hex color component appended to it as per typical CSS rules.
lumens: An optional setting for the light with x equaling an integer that may be negative. If set to a negative number, the light will instead act as darkness and subtract it's area from the FoW. Lights are processed in order of their absolute value of lumens. eg. Darkness with lumens=-20 will cover over any light with lumens ⇐ 20 and any light with lumens >= 21 will expose through anything with a lumens value of -1 to -20.
*Note: Personal Lights defined in Sight have a default lumens value of 100. So a typical sight defined for Darkvision will see through anything with a lumens value if -1 through -99. To overcome Darkvision, use lumens values ⇐ -100.
OPTIONS: The only valid options are GM and OWNER and they apply only to auras (see below).


Sample Lights - 5' square grid
Candle - 5 : 7.5 12.5#000000
Lamp - 15 : 17.5 32.5#000000
Torch - 20 : 22.5 42.5#000000
Lantern, bullseye - 60 : cone arc=60 62.5 122.5#000000
Lantern, bullseye (leaks light) - 60 : cone arc=60 62.5 122.5#000000 circle 2.5#000000
Daylight Spell - 60 : 62.5 122.5#000000 lumens=50
Nightvision goggles - 40 : cone arc=30 42.5#00e000 lumens=30

Magical Darkness
Deeper Darkness - 60: circle 62.5 lumens=-130
Darkness - 20 (CL2): circle 22.5 lumens=-20
Darkness - 20 (CL4): circle 22.5 lumens=-40


To create an aura, put the keyword aura at the beginning of the definition. Auras radiate a colored area and interact with the vision blocking layer (i.e. are blocked by VBL), but do not actually cast any visible light and therefore do not expose any fog-of-war. GM-only auras are only visible by clients logged into the server as GM. They remain visible even when the map is in Show As Player mode. Owner-only auras are only visible to the player(s) who owns the token they are attached to and are always visible to the GM. See examples, below.

In the following example, the GM-only auras are red, the owner-only auras are green, and the player auras are blue. You can of course define your own colors.

Sample Auras - 5" square grid
Aura red 5 : aura square GM 2.5#ff0000
Aura red 10 : aura GM 7.5#ff0000
Aura Owner Also 5 : aura square owner 2.5#00ff00
Aura Owner Also 10 : aura owner 7.5#00ff00
Aura Player Also 5 : aura square 2.5#0000ff
Aura Player Also 10 : aura 7.5#0000ff

The first line creates a square GM-only aura in red that is 5-feet across. The second creates a round GM-only aura in red with a 15-foot diameter. Lines three and four do the same thing, but with a green aura that is only visible to players who own the token with the aura attached to it. Lines five and six are visible to all players and are in blue.

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